The BY Staycation - Kids Events in Summer 2021

Friday, 13th - Friday, 13th August 2021
7:00 pm

This Summer, travel is limited! But fear not! Even though you are probably not getting that extravagant trip to a different part of the world, we are going to bring a different part of the world to you!!! 

We are so excited for the BY Staycation. This will be a kids and family event taking place in 3 different locations over the Summer. Throughout each night, we will sing songs, visit different countries of the world, play some games, have a quiz and hear about a missionary who took God's message to other parts of the world.

Each event will run from 7-9pm in the following locations:

Friday 16 July


Pond Park Primary School

Friday 30 July


Grange Primary School

Friday 13 August


Mid Ulster Sports Arena


Each event will be outside (weather permitting). If you plan on coming along, we would really appreciate it if you could take the time to sign up by filling out the form below. This will help us for planning of activities and COVID-19 procedures. 

The programme and activities planned will be aimed towards those of age P4-P7. However, any other children and young people are more than welcome to come along and take part in the fun!! 

Please Note: Children who come along must be supervised by a parent / guardian / church children's worker for the duration of the night.