BYE Teams 2022

BYE (Baptist Youth Evangelism) Teams are all about helping young people grow in their love of evangelism. Each Summer, Baptist Youth send a number of teams (of 6-12 young people) to assist a local church in their evangelistic ministries.

Over the past number of decades, thousands of young people have had the opportunity to connect with local Baptist church’s and assist them in their disciple making. As a result, we have the joy of hearing how young people grow radically in their love and understanding of Christ.

Whether its running holiday Bible clubs, distributing literature or organising events for local young people, BYE teams are a fantastic opportunity to engage in outreach, work in community and learn more about the local church. 

So, do you have a love for Christ? Do you desire to follow Jesus’ command of making disciples? Do you want to work in a team environment and have your faith strengthened this Summer? Then make sure you apply for one of our BYE team options.

Please Note: The specific nature of each team (activities, length, etc) may vary dependent upon restrictions at the time. Indicated below is the maximum length of time each team will be. Cost of team will vary accordingly.

Want To Apply For A BYE Team in 2022? 

You can see the list of each BYE Team heading out this Summer below. Applicants must be 16+ (unless stated otherwise) If you would like to apply for a BYE Team, please take a couple of minute to complete the online form which can be accessed by clicking here


Date:   9-15 April

Cost: £65 / €78

Leaders:  Callum Aiken

Involvement: 5 Day Clubs, Youth Nights & Activities


Date:   2-10 July

Cost: £65 / €78

Leaders:  Tim Gibson & Hannah McFall

Involvement: Holiday Bible Club & Local Outreach


Date:  2-10 JULY

Cost: £65 / €78

Leaders:  Matthew Poston & Emma-Jayne McCartney

Involvement: Holiday Bible Club, Youth Events


Date: 9-17 July

Cost: £65 / €78

Leaders: Joshua Watson & Emily Crutchley

Involvement: Holiday Bible Club & Local Outreach


Date: 16-24 July

Cost: £65 / €78

Leaders: Jonny Dodds & Chloe Kelly

Involvement: Holiday Bible Club & Youth Events


Date: 16-24 July

Cost: £65 / €78

Leaders: Andrew Morrow & Sarah Henry

Involvement: Holiday Bible Club & Local Outreach


Date: 23-31 July

Cost: £65 / €78

Leaders: Kyle & Michelle Hamilton

Involvement: 'Whiz Kids' Week & 'Teen Spirit' Youth Events


LONDON (18+)
Date:  30 July - 7 August

Cost: £75 plus flights

Leaders: Jack McFerran & Jennifer Coll

Involvement: Holiday Bible Club & Youth Activities


Date:  30 July - 7 August

Cost: £65

Leaders: Joel Middleton & Megan Gammon

Involvement: 5 Day Clubs & Community Outreach


Date: 6-14 August

Cost: £65

Leaders:  Joel White & Anna Watson

Involvement: Football Fun Week & 5 Day Clubs


Date: 6-14 August

Cost: £65

Leaders: Josh Brown & Rebekah Gervais

Involvement:  Summer Kids Club & Youth Events


Date:  13-21 August

Cost: £65

Leaders:  Harry McCrossan & Emily Bresland

Involvement: Children's Programme & Local Outreach


Date:  13-21 August

Cost: £65

Leaders:  Samuel Thompson & Bethany Lyttle

Involvement: 5 Day Clubs & Youth Activities


Important Information

We are continuing to monitor the necessary restrictions implemented as a result of COVID 19. Throughout the Summer, Baptist Youth will endeavour to ensure that all government guidance is adhered to in order to provide BYE Teams that are safe for children and young people.

Baptist Youth have been running Teams for Young people for the past 30 years. Our desire is that they would leave each team with new friends and great memories. However, our ultimate prayer is that young people would, whilst growing in their personal faith, have the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

Baptist Youth teams are led by volunteers from all walks of life. The one thing that unites each of our volunteers, however, is that they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. A rigorous process of application in line with BY’s child protection policy is undertaken for all our team leaders (copies of the policy are available by contacting Baptist Youth).

Baptist Youth, as a department of the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland, have an insurance policy which covers Employers Liability and Public Liability. The Association will arrange a travel and personal accident policy to cover those travelling outside of Northern Ireland. However, all those taking part in teams are advised to consider additional insurance for themselves.

Sometimes photographs and video taken on Baptist Youth Camps are used in publicity materials or used on the Baptist Youth Social Media account (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). If you have an objection to photographs and/or video of your child being used for such purposes, please inform the Youth Director (Matthew Campbell) in writing by 24 June 2022

We desire to make BYE Teams the best possible experience for both the church and team members. It is a requirement that each team consists of committed Christians who have an active relationship with Jesus Christ. In addition, to maximise the experience of team members, we desire that each team consists of young people from a range of churches and friendship groups. BYE team leaders, in liaison with the Youth Director, may encourage applicants to consider alternative BYE team options should the dynamic and purposes of the team require as such. 


Concerning Your Personal Data

We collect information solely for the organisation, risk management and safety of our church activities. Your data will be stored securely by Baptist Youth and will only be accessed by appropriate persons for the purposes set out above.

The application form will require consent regarding the relevant use of your / your child’s data. Failure to provide us with accurate personal information and the necessary consent may affect our ability to run the activities efficiently.

We do not share your information with third parties unless the law requires us to do so. You have the right to request access to/removal of your personal data that we hold. For more information about this and your rights please see a copy of our Privacy Notice on our website